Virtual IT Lab - Solutions

Virtual IT Lab - Solutions

Move your IT Systems to the cloud. Whenever. Wherever.

CloudShare combines aspects of virtualization, cloud computing and collaboration to offer software as a service (SaaS) solutions for delivering IT to colleagues, clients, customers and partners. CloudShare automates the virtual lab, making full-featured virtual enterprise environments available online and on-demand. This has a variety of applications including development and testing, sales enablement, proofs-of-concept, evaluations, technical training and certification of hardware or software and channel enablement. 

Virtual Training

  • Share virtual environments with your students in minutes
  • Create custom content or select from our template library to get started
  • Provision new online classrooms instantly from anywhere
  • Offer hands-on learning without travel or resource expenses

Sales Demos & POCs

  • Build virtual demos and create cloud-based proof of concepts
  • Invite clients to access your environment from anywhere
  • Give customers a prospective hands-on experience with your products
  • Offer a free trial of your software instantly via the cloud

Team Development & Testing

  • Get the infrastructure you need without battling for limited IT resources
  • Build, copy, share complex multi-VM environments in minutes
  • Control what people are testing and eliminate ‘I don’t see it on my machine’ excuses
  • Use with plugins for leading ALM vendors, API and CLI, and VPN access