Deliver Software Sales Demos and POCs - via the Cloud

CloudShare is the leading provider of virtual IT environments in the cloud. Our cloud Infrastructure-as-a-service environment platform enables an organization to take any on-premise IT system or business application and bring it to the cloud, in less than a minute. With CloudShare, business groups working with complex, multi-tier enterprise applications get immediate access to infrastructure resources in the cloud, for creating, provisioning, replicating and sharing complex environments, enabling them to work with speed, scale and efficiency, and without the need for specific IT operations expertise.
The CloudShare Technology
CloudShare combines the best features of SaaS (Software as a Service) with the best features of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to deliver unprecedented performance, availability, and flexibility via the cloud.
Going beyond existing web meetings or "virtual lab" offerings, the CloudShare platform enables business groups to interact with clients and colleagues in dedicated "hands-on" environments, all through and easy-to-use, drag-and-drop browser interface. This unique combination of dedicated infrastructure and instant availability gives enterprises a signifanct edge in the collaboration among cross-functional and global teams and in responding to customers and prospects. Leading vendors such as VMware, Cisco, SAP and others have adopted CloudShare as their vendor of choice to extend their virtual infrastructure from the enterprise to the cloud .
Our Solutions

Virtual Training

  • Share virtual environments with your students in minutes
  • Create custom content or select from our template library to get started
  • Provision new online classrooms instantly from anywhere
  • Offer hands-on learning without travel or resource expenses

Sales Demos & POCs

  • Build virtual demos and create cloud-based proof of concepts
  • Invite clients to access your environment from anywhere
  • Give customers a prospective hands-on experience with your products
  • Offer a free trial of your software instantly via the cloud

Team Development & Testing

  • Get the infrastructure you need without battling for limited IT resources
  • Build, copy, share complex multi-VM environments in minutes
  • Control what people are testing and eliminate ‘I don’t see it on my machine’ excuses
  • Use with plugins for leading ALM vendors, API and CLI, and VPN access
CloudShare Solution Overview